Top 7 NVOCC Software(Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) New In 2023

NVOCC software
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NVOCC carriers play a major role in the international shipping industry. Nowadays there are a lot of NVOCC carriers are available in the industry. Here we are going to identify the meaning of NVOCC while NVOCC software solutions for NVOCC companies.

What is NVOCC?

NVOCC stands for Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier. You can read more about NVOCC at here link.

What is NVOCC software?

NVOCC software meaning software solutions can be used by NVOCC companies for easy operation with their day-to-day activities.

What challenges of NVOCC these days?

  • Port congestion
  • Vessel delays
  • Labor shortage and labor issues
  • And more

Example NVOCC software

  1. MAGAYA NVOCC Software
  2. INOVA
  3. Logiplus
  4. Logisuite-oceanfreight export module
  6. eNVOY
  7. Silver bullet technologies

1. MAGAYA NVOCC Software

MAGAYA NVOCC software: sourced by

Key features of Magaya NVOCC software


quick contact link here

  • Digital Freight Portal
  • Freight Charges, Quotes, Margins, and Rate Management
  • Freight Bookings
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Customs Compliance and Documentation
  • Automated Dimensioning, Weighing, and Photographing Cargo
  • Visibility and Tracking Information for Customers
  • Delivery and Storage Prices Included
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Mobile WMS for iOS and Android
  • Container Tracking
  • Local Pick-ups and Last Mile Deliveries
  • Warehousing with full WMS


  • Export, Import, or Domestic
  • Ocean Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Ground Freight
  • Consolidations, Straights, LCL or FCL Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO)

Billing, Invoicing and Accounting with Out-of-the-Box Financial Reports

Customizable Documents

Benefits of MAGAYA NVOCC software

  • Quick FCL and LCL booking on carriers
  • Receiving online booking requests
  • Easy to handle shipment consolidation.
  • exchanging instruction quickly
  • quickly generate a bill of lading and other shipping documents

2. INOVA -NVOCC operations management software

inova NVOCC software:sourced by

Modules including as below,

  • Tariff and rating management
  • Job order management
  • Schedule and slot management
  • Importer expoert documentation
  • Controlling equipment
  • Vendor management
  • Financial operation-accounting

Key features of INOVA -NVOCC software

Dedicated Applications for NVOCC business

  • Easy to contact international agents and customers
  • Multimodal transportation operations
  • Support for multi-currency, multi-agents, and multi-locations

Controlling equipment

  • Shipment track and trace online
  • Repairing and maintenance of equipment

Automated report generating for support decision making

Operational reports such as booking reports, revenue reports, and outstanding freight reports

Tools for enhancing user experience

Automated reminders and alert sending

Core operations activities

  • Export-import documentation
  • Order management-booking space and transport orders
  • Scheduling and slot management
  • Management of tariff and rating
  • Vendor management
  • And more

Controlling cost and finance

  • Customer contracts and rate filling
  • For each container activity cost calculation automatically
  • Agency/brokerage commission generate automatically

EDI configuration facility

Data and document storage facility

What benefits of using inova NVOCC Software?

  1. Controlling agencies in an effective manner
  2. Cost reduction of operational and administrative
  3. Reduce manual processes and errors
  4. Streamline operation
  5. The easy approval process with the system
  6. Automate updates sent to customers in real-time
  7. Financial visibility improving
  8. Enhancing Customer satisfaction

3. Logiplus NVOCC software

This is a digitalized way to plan and execute the container flow.
NVOCC lease and manages container space. Logiplus is helping to track and trace voyages and cargo while it helps to show financial details also.

logiplus NVOCC software: sourced by

Key features and modules- Logiplus NVOCC software

  1. The multilingual interface-user interface allows to multi languages
  2. Support to use multi-currency-currency management is easy with logiplus because it supports many of major currencies in the world
  3. Quotation management-digital quotations can be sent to customers quickly
  4. Voyages-this module helps to create and schedule voyages efficiently.
  5. Integrated financial module-it is fully integrated with the operations module with a financial module.
  6. Connectivity and data sharing with branches and agencies
  7. Managing consolidation– optimum level of consolidation in a short time
  8. Automated tariff prediction
  9. Updates and status sending
  10. Automated document generation
  11. Approvals and permissions process with the system

4. Logisuite-ocean freight export module


quick contact link here

logisuite NVOCC software: sourced by

This module is used by NVOCC agents and freight forwarders to create necessary documents


  • booking
  • quotes, certificate of origin, commercial invoce
  • manifesting
  • proof of delivery
  • rates calculation automatically
  • shipment report – profit and loss
  • barcode/scanning
  • help to multi-currency
  • integrated with external applications

5 . syscon

website :

quick contact link here

syscon NVOCC software: sourced by

Key Features of SYSCON NVOCC Software

  • container survey
  • on-hire and off hire containers
  • container tracking
  • inventory management
  • reexport and bond cancellation
  • detention calculation

6 . eNVOY

Envoy NVOCC software: sourced by


envoy is a cloud-based NVOCC /freight forwarder software solution

features of eNvoy NVOCC software


  • Quotations
  • Export Bookings
  • Transport Instructions
  • House Bills
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Export Inquiries
  • Verified Gross Mass (VGM)
  • Certificates of Origin (COOs)
  • Air Waybills (AWBs) & Labels


  • Delivery Orders
  • House Bills & Arrival Notices
  • Import Inquiries
  • In-Bond Documents (I.T., T&E, I.E.)
  • Air Imports
  • Authority to Make Entry (ATME)

Customs Filing: File electronically with Customs

  • In-Bond Documents

Financial: Fully integrated accounting functions and dashboards

Benefits of eNVOY NVOCC software

  • integrated customs filling software
  • reduce paper works with the automated system
  • efficiency increasing
  • financial activities and details integrated with the system

7 . NVOCC software from Silver Bullet Technologies


quick contact link here

Silverbullet technologies NVOCC software: sourced by

The user interface of Silverbullet NVOCC software

  • simple user interface
  • shipment creation and entry by nvoccs
  • Consolidation / Deconsolidation
  • billing codes
  • easy tracking
  • supply chain event entry and dashboard
  • customer rates tables

feactuers of Silverbullet NVOCC software

  • financial accounting integration
  • automated arrival notice generating
  • invoice generating, and another related document
  • tracking and trace the shipment
  • pre-defined ports and cities,carriers

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