What are the Secrets Behind Oracle NetSuite ERP System You Need to Know in 2023

Oracle NetSuite ERP
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Oracle NetSuite ERP system is integrated all core functions in the business management process into a single system. Which is automating core processes effectively and real-time information supporting the enhancement of financial and operational processes in an organization.

Average Ranking: 4.3

What is Oracle NetSuite ERP?

The simple meaning is NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning System. It is the latest version of the ERP software of Oracle company. Here are more details of the ERP system.

Oracle NetSuite ERP system helps to the better decision-making process by more visibility and accessing real-time data of accounting and finance process and transactional also operational process. with a more convenient and user-friendly customizable dashboard shows data analysis and reports. It makes it easy to make the right decision at right time in an organization.

Oracle NetSuite ERP: Easy decision making, source: Oracle Netsuite ERP

NetSuite ERP has centralized all applications for accounting, procurement management, inventory controlling, supply chain and warehouse management, and more. The data providing NetSuite ERP shows clear visibility of the organization for managing and controlling the business. It simplifies your business process.

Oracle NetSuite ERP: Report and Analysis, source: Oracle Netsuite ERP

With accessing facilities to the cloud deployment option, you can reach your business anywhere at any time. As well as Oracle NetSuite ERP solution provides its services in more than 200 countries, supporting 27 languages with 190 different currencies. It makes running a worldwide business easily while managing multiple subsidiaries, and business units with the same legal framework.

Oracle NetSuite ERP: Easy to run a global business

For further information, you can click on the below link, and watch the video

Source: Netsuite

For choosing the Right ERP system for your business, need good knowledge about the features of the ERP system and whether they match your business. Let’s move on to the Features of the NetSuite ERP. There are 7 areas in the organization covered by the NetSuite ERP system. They are,

What are the 7 key Features of Oracle NETSUITE ERP

Oracle NetSuite ERP
Oracle NetSuite ERP
  1. Accounting Software
  2. Financial Management
  3. Global Business Management
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Order Management
  6. Supply Chain Management
  7. Warehouse Management

Knowing the benefits/advantages of implementing the NetSuite ERP system is necessary. Then let’s explain what are the benefits/advantages of the NetSuite ERP system

What are the Key advantages/benefit of the Oracle NetSuite ERP?

  1. Automating the financial and accounting process – enhances financial operations visibility it makes financials effective and efficient. and also productivity.
  2. Providing Inventory Visibility – easy to monitor inventory level then minimizing carrying cost while can be delivered at right time.
  3. Better Ordering and procurement management– easy to Error-proof your order management process and procurement.
  4. Optimization of Supply chain operation– Control the flow of the goods and value chain from supplier to customer.
  5. Warehouse efficiency increases – by Optimize utilization of the warehouse and minimizing picking mistakes.

Why need to select Oracle NetSuite ERP?

  1. cloud base ERP system, so you can monitor, access, and update real-time data easily
  2. Customized pricing plan
  3. User-friendly dashboard
  4. Reduce IT in fracture cost due to cloud deployment
  5. Easy global access to business
  6. integrated core functions in one system

Let’s move into the size of the company is able to work with the NetSuite ERP system

Suitable business size of Oracle NetSuite


Any company size could implement the NetSuite ERP system. NetSuite is suitable for any stage of the business, from startup business to fast-growing business. Let’s talk about an example company which is already implemented the NetSuite ERP system and how its success in their business with NetSuite

Examples of successful Companies with Oracle NetSuite ERP

More than 31,000 customers are growing their business with Netsuite

1. WhiteGold

  • Location-Sydney, Australia
  • Industry-IT Services and Manufacturing·
  • ERP Solution- Netsuite ERP

It is more useful to know what the results are after implementing NetSuite. Let’s explain about results.

Results After the Implementing Oracle NetSuite ERP system

  • Double-digit annual growth,
  • Save $200,000 per year from the cost of a similar server.
  • Assign and track serial numbers across the life cycle of each product, which forms the basis of various value-added incentive sales, and proactive maintenance programs.
  • Integrating end-to-end processes saves $20,000 annually (customer support costs that would be necessary to track serial numbers manually)
  • Automating complex pricing processes has reduced average pricing time by 50%.
  • Reduce conversions between quotes and orders by more than an hour to just 10 minutes.
  • Reduce the order-to-cash cycle by 25%
  • Reduce Account receivable debt by 50%.

Source by netsuite.com

For further details, you can visit the below site by clicking the link, white gold-services

2. Emma & Tom’s

The company started in 2004 in Australia. It is manufacturing and distribution a product range of healthy drinks and snacks. The product range includes Fresh Life Juices, Quenchers, and Iced Tea, Naturally Flavoured Sparkling Waters, Superfood Balls and a locally baked Oat Bite, and more. Emma & Tom’s products could find in more than 5000 outlets in Australia while exporting to china, Jordan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Source: emmaandtoms.com.au
  • Location-Victoria, Australia
  • Industry-Manufacturing, Food, And Beverage, Retail
  • NetSuite Solution-Netsuite ERP

To keep strong customer relationships, and ensure product quality Emma & Tom’s company has decided to distribute their products as a home delivery service. Then they need to find a better supply chain management platform for mange 3500 orders by customers with 40 distributing vans.

After the implementation of the NetSuite ERP solution,

  • The company has to enjoy its business with a streamlined and seamless operation platform for the supply chain management.
  • Real-time data consolidation could enhance the visibility of the entire order-to-delivery process. at the same time, could be optimizing the high-level delivery process.
  • Ultimately this company makes a better reputation with higher customer relationships in Australia and globally.
User comment,
''Our business can grow with NetSuite, first in Australia, and then all over the world. ”

Emma Welsh
Co-founder and Managing Director, Emma & Tom’s,source:netsuite.com

And also you can find more customer stories of Netsuite ERP system implementation by clicking on more customer stories. I have mentioned above the main details of the NetSuite ERP system. Now you have an idea of what is NetSuite ERP. Then I will explain how to buy NetSuite ERP

Ranking By Software selling Companies

SourceRank{out of 5}
Source: getapp.com
Source: capterra.com
Software Advice4.1
Source: softwareadvice.com
Gartner peer insights4.2
Source: gartner.com
featured customers4.7
Source: featuredcustomers.com
Ranking of Netsuite ERP

How to Buy Oracle NetSuite ERP?

Firstly, you need to know about the Costs related to implementing and maintaining NetSuite ERP

  1. Annual license fee-License component (core platform, optional modules, and the number of users)
  2. One-time implementation fee for the initial stage.
  3. With the business growth able to active new modules and add users

You can request a quotation and demo when login into the oracle NetSuite website by clicking on the link. Quotation requesting

Below you can see free training tutorials for oracle NetSuite ERP beginners.


NetSuite is the most popular ERP system in the world. NetSuite ERP system helps to streamline and simplify the business by centralizing all the day-to-day activities recorded in an automation system.

There are more valuable features in the NetSuite ERP system introduced by Oracle. NetSuite ERP has matched any size of business small, medium, or large, and it is also the ability to implement newly started businesses. There is a facility to add more features and modules to the growth of the business. With automation minimizes manual work and enhances efficiency, operational and transactional real-time data is useful for getting the right decision at right time.

With the help of the NetSuite ERP system, you can make better decisions for your business at a right time and identify opportunities easily. There are more than 200 countries, that used the NetSuite ERP system with over 27 languages and 190 currencies. It’s proof that the NetSuite ERP system is popular and a lot of customers trusted it. It is a global business easy and simple with the NetSuite ERP system. In my opinion, is NetSuite ERP system is one of the best ERP system software in 2022.

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