What are 8 Best 3PL billing software in 2023?

3PL billing software
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After a long time of research we have selected 8 best 3PL billing software. Here we are going to explain them one by one.Before explaining 3pl billing software it is better to have an idea of 3pl.

What is 3PL?

3PL stands for 3rd Party Logistics/Third party logistics

in simple words, we can say 3PL is an outsourced service of warehousing and distribution. For further explanation of 3PL you can read What Is Third Party Logistics(3PL)?: Everything You Need To Know

What is 3PL software?

3PL software is used in 3PL business for helping their core functions such as order management, warehousing, transportation, and distribution.

What is 3PL billing software?

3PL billing is one of the features of the 3PL WMS system. Most of the time billing software is provided as an integrated module software of an ERP system or WMS system.

1. infoplus

Infoplus 3PL billing software: sourced by https://www.infopluscommerce.com/3pl-billing-software

quick inquiry link here

website: https://www.infopluscommerce.com/3pl-billing-software

  • Accurate billing: error-free with automated and full activity recording
  • Customize billing rules
  • The manual invoicing process is automated

2. Datex 3PL Billing software

Datex 3PL billing software: sourced by www.datexcorp.com

Provide activity-based billing

  • Scan and capture chargers by RF technology devices in real-time.
  • Transmits chargers to 3PL WMS
  • invoices automatically update in the customer’s general ledger

capturing and billing for value-added services

  • Handling bill strategies as below,
  • Anniversary billing
  • inbound and outbound handling chargers
  • activity-based billing through RF devices
  • recurring storage
  • customize billing

Inbound handling

Billing is done based on multiple factors . It may vary with the operations or customer inventory

  • Net weight, gross weight, quantity
  • unit by type of the package

outbound handling

billing is done based on inventory being transported from the warehouse

  • License plate billing
  • gross or net weight based on the billing
  • billing is done based on carrier services

3. WISE -3PL billing software

WISE 3PL software: sourced by https://www.royal4.com/3pl-software/3pl-billing-software-value-added-services-billing/

Benefits of WISE 3PL billing software

  • Data collection from Warehouse Management System activities. It can be used to auto-generate invoicing
  • Billing for all the operations of the warehouse management system. such as receiving, shipping, production, packaging, etc.
  • available various billing options. such as volume, per unit measure, net/gross weight, etc.
  • inventory tracking
  • improves the efficiency of the billing process
  • quick inquiry link here

4. GBMS 3PL billing module

GBMS 3PL billing software: sourced by https://www.genevasystems.com/products/3pl/
  • Invoices can be made manually or automatically with the preference of the customer.
  • Quick deployment options
  • most suitable for small business
  • website: https://www.genevasystems.com/products/3pl/
  • quick inquiry link here

5. JASCI 3PL billing software

Example customers of JASCI 3PL billing software: sourced by https://www.jascicloud.com/

6. EXTENSIV billing automation

Extensiv -3PL billing software
  • efficient and customizable billing can be generated through extensiv 3PL billing software
  • digital invoicing and payment create payment process fast
  • saving time with the automation
  • support to accounting software
  • website:https://www.extensiv.com/extensiv-3pl-warehouse-manager/billing-automation

7. Rebus 3PL Billing

Rebus 3PL billing software: sourced by https://www.longbowadvantage.com/en-us/the-rebus-platform/3pl-billing/
  • Rebus billing software can automate the 3Pl billing process for customers fastly and accurately.
  • Rebus is flexible to offer customized billing processes to each customer considering different types of billing cycling and payment terms and conditions.
  • easy to generate reports in real-time
  • And also stakeholders can obtain real-time information on order status,invoices, etc.
  • website: https://www.longbowadvantage.com/en-us/the-rebus-platform/3pl-billing/

quick inquiry link here

8. canary 7’s 3PL billing software

canary 7’s 3PL billing software

With the 3Pl billing software can be automated the process of data collection and streamline the invoicing and report generation with real-time information.

Key features of canary 7’s billing software

  • recording all transaction
  • customized billing rules and conditions
  • invoice tracking
  • accuracy increasing
  • advanced customer service


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