Sage X3: More Reliable ERP Solution for you

Sage X3 ERP System
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What is Sage X3?

Sage X3 is an ERP System (Enterprise Resources Planning) introduced by Sage Business Cloud. Sage X3 streamlines the operations of the business. As well as it can automate traditionally manual processes to a digital platform.

For further details about the ERP system, you can refer blog on what is ERP system.

Sage X3 ERP system is a single solution for many key functions in business operations. Such as finance and accounting, customer relationship management, inventory and warehouse management, purchasing, sales, and marketing, etc.. Therefore, an ERP system can make better Cooperation among divisions, countries, and languages.

The Sage X3 ERP system of a company’s financial operations uses an automated system for general ledger, cost accounting, and budgeting. Meanwhile, reduce most of the manual duties with papers. Hence cash flows controlling and planning of the procurement process are simple with the Sage X3.

Management of the entire business activities and operations is easy with the Sage X3 due to can get an idea of the overall business process in an effective manner and quickly. Sage X3 is better to use manufacturing, distribution, and service processes. For further details, you can click on Sage X3’s official website

Introduction to Sage X3 by

Let’s discuss what industries can use Saga X3.

Sage XP available Industries

  1. Construction
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Wholesale distribution
  4. Chemicals
  5. Food and beverage
  6. Professional services
  7. Nonprofits

There are more features in the Saga X3 ERP system. It is essential to learn about features. Let’s explain core features in brief.

What are the core features of Saga X3?

  1. Financial management-Withhold taxes on AR and AP transactions (NEW feature), General ledger, General ledger consolidation, Intercompany transactions, Accounts receivable, Instant bank reconciliations, AP withholding & reverse charges (for tax calculations), Automatic trace
  2. Sales order management-Project and job costing, Purchase order, Order entry, Multiple contacts, Inventory Management, Inventory control, Serialized inventory, and lot tracking
  3. Integrated payments-New “Pay Now” link for Sage 300-generated invoices, payment processing

Let’s move on to the benefits of the Sage X3,

Advantages of Sage X3

  • Monitoring overall business activities quickly.
  • Inventory checking is easy, then order placement at the right time
  • Optimum usage of inventory and warehouse facilities
  • Able to access ERP systems online by using a browser, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Controlling entire business activities in a centralized system is easy to handle while the accuracy rate is high.
  • Anytime, anywhere your business is under your control

What company type can use Sage X3

Sage X3 is most suitable for Medium size businesses.

Technical Information of ERP System -Deployment options


Rankings By Software Sites

Software Advice4.29(50)
Gartner peer insights4.1(34)
featured customers4.7(3062)
software connect3(3)
Rankings By websites

Let’s move on to customer reviews of the Saga X3 implemented

Example companies that implemented Sage X3

  • Carpenter Industries
  • Skagit Horticulture

Example 01: Carpenter Industries

  • Location-North Carolina, US
  • Industry-Discrete Manufacturing

Results/outcome after the implementation of sage x3,

  • 40% orders increasing
  • 15%  decreased IT expenditures for software
  • 20% Inventory adjustments expenses decreased
  •  15% manufacturing direct cost decreasing

User comments

We’ve always been a really happy Sage customer.”

Donavon Yelton, Director of IT & Strategic Planning, Carpenter Industries. Source by

“The great thing about X3 is you can do pretty much anything you want.”

Donavon Yelton, Director of IT & Strategic Planning, Carpenter Industries.Source by

For further information, you can visit the official website of Sage X3

Example 02: Company Skagit Horticulture

  • Location Washington US
  • Industry Agriculture

Results/outcome after the implementation of sage x3

  • Improved demand planning
  • Then, minimizing waste
  • Enhance sales
  • Real-time inventory visibility could optimize short-selling season
  • Complex operations could customize into one application,
  • Single highly-customizable application powers all aspects of a complex operation

User comments

We could see that Sage X3 could support our entire operational workflows, plus provide the financial backbone every fiscally smart company needs.”

Cathi Barta, CFO, Skagit Horticulture,Source By

Improved sales forecasting, combined with our ability to monitor what our customers have on their shelves, allows us to maximize revenues and optimize deliveries during our short selling season.”

Jeremy Myrick, IT Manager, Skagit Horticulture Source By

With Sage X3, we could triple in size without outstripping its capabilities.”

Jeremy Myrick, IT Manager, Skagit Horticulture,Source By

For further details, you can watch the video of the customer success story in Skagit Horticulture.

Example 03-

Sage X3 user:

An Independent review from a third party

An Independent Review of Sage x3 from a third party


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