The best solution for SCM: IFS supply chain management software

IFS Supply chain software
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IFS supply chain management software is the best solution for any kind of supply chain which is moving toward the latest technology and globalization. Before explaining to IFS supply chain management software we will see the basic idea of supply chain management software.

What is supply chain management software?

We can say supply chain management is the main part of your business. Because supply chain management is an essential and valuable function of a business. It can automate and digitalize the functions of a supply chain. It could eliminate traditional paperwork and Supply chain management software helps to gain clear visibility throughout your supply chain.

It means supply chain management software manages and controls whole parts of your supply chain. Such as planning, forecasting demand, purchasing, inventory management, distribution operation, warehousing, supplier, and customer relationship management, etc. So, a supply chain software, you can streamline your supply chain with smooth operation.

Most of the time supply chain software is offered as a core feature of an ERP system. For challenging competitors and to survive in your business you need to adopt a digital platform to your traditional supply chain. It will be a turning point in your business success story.

Benefits of supply chain management software

  1. Minimum number of errors
  2. Reducing shipment cost
  3. The smooth operation of the supply chain network
  4. Enhance Compliance rate
  5. Enhancing business profit
  6. Supply chain efficiency increasing

what are the common supply chain management software requirements?

  • Demand planning
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management
  • Transport and logistics management
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Customer relationship management

Why do you need to select IFS supply chain management software?

Supply chain management software can improve operational efficiency with an overall visibility of a supply chain from start to end.IFS supply chain management software is protecting your bottom line with advanced functionality and a digital platform.

IFS offers supply chain management software as a part of the IFS Cloud ERP system. Supply chain management is one of the core features of an IFS Cloud. The supply chain is not a whole business covered it is only a core function of a business. So, supply chain software is a more valuable feature of a better ERP system. In this blog, we are going to identify IFS supply chain software.

IFS supply chain management software is offered below,

1. Better visibility for your supply chain

with the IFS supplier Relationship and procurement management keep the transparency of all transactions of purchasing and order management procedures in all supply chains.IFS is offering innovative technology for Supplier relationship management and procurement.

It will help your business integrate core functions of purchasing and distribution process while managing them easily and you can do quick adaptations and changes in the market with real-time information.

2. A powerful planning process will make you a better profit

Better demand forecasting and planning help to ease inventory management, enhance margins, and control better cash flow turnaround times.

3. Speed process of accessing the market

According to customer demand and satisfaction, you need to improve your products and manage the supply chain. IFS supply chain management software helps to optimize your supply chain according to customer demand and customer satisfaction, while you can improve products and services to meet customer requirements with optimized resources management.

If you identified the challenges and threats to your business early you can innovate and do changes quickly for the survival of your business. IFS supply chain management software is a better solution for your supply chain as a fast-growing business.

4. Greater transparency in your supply chain

IFS supply chain management software gains full visibility and transparency from the point of start of the supply chain to the ultimate point of a supply chain. Track your business’s root causes of issues then you can easily mitigate risks influencing your supply chain. It will help to manage your reputation in the industry.

Customers success story – IFS supply chain management software

1. Valmont Industries

2. Axis Communications

Axis is a Sweden company founded in 1984. Axis is a high-quality network camera-selling company in Sweden. And also axis offers advanced technological video analytics features. for example, motion and audio detection and tampering alarms. Axis doing business in between 70 countries directly and also through the network. So, axis could get a competitive advantage with end to end supply chain.

1,600 + employees in 40+ countries

60,000+ partners across 179 countries

Benefits after the implementation of the IFS supply chain solution

  • Better decision-making and faster decision making
  • Reduced logistics-related costs.
  • Enhanced level of Customer satisfaction
  • Could be integrated multi-site supply chain
  • Enhancing the efficiency of warehousing and outbound flow of logistics
  • Could get a competitive advantage for axis

Let’s we will see videos regarding IFS supply chain management software.

how to work to enhance productivity, use a demand planner, use a warehouse navigator, and shippment orders in a supply chain with IFS supply chain software.

Enhanced productivity in IFS supply chain

Using Demand Planner with IFS supply chain
Using warehouse navigator for better visibility and setup in IFS supply chain
Goods movement using shipment order with IFS supply chain

What is the IFS supply chain community forum?

Do you have to ask for something from IFS? If you have any questions regarding supply chain management software, you can reach the IFS community and feel free to add questions. IFS supply chain experts will answer your question as soon as possible.

IFS Community supply chain forum link here

What is the difference between ifs supply chain management software and ifs cloud ERP?

ERP system integrated all the core functions of a business into one system. Supply chain software is one of the features of the ERP system. In another way, we can say supply chain management software is a type of ERP system. For further reading of IFS ERP System click here

Is it suitable IFS supply chain management software for small businesses?

yes of course.IFS supply chain software support to small businesses.Because IFS provides customized solutions for each and every business. Small businesses ensure their profitability and risk management with a better chain management system. when using ifs supply chain management software you can quickly identify challenges and trends in the market.


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